Quite Contrary EP

by Grey Gary

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Three sneek peak debut tracks from Ithaca-based Cosmic Rock Duo Grey Gary. Look for the forthcoming album “Quite Contrary” due out late spring 2014.


released March 29, 2014

Shikhar Bajracharya – Vocals, Guitars, Drums
Tom Burchinal – Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Mini Moog, Drums

Angelo Peters – Bass, Synths, Effects
Lucas Ashby – Percussion

Engineered and Mixed By Angelo Peters at Big Mean Studios in Ithaca, NY
Mastered by Mike Parker at Pyramid Studios in Ithaca, NY

Produced by Gary, Gary & of course… Gary



all rights reserved


Grey Gary Ithaca, New York

Grey Gary is a two-piece cosmic rock circus from the founding members of the band, Ayurveda - Tom Burchinal & Shikhar Bajracharya. The seeds of the project were planted in late 2012, a year after Ayurveda split up, but the duo didn't start playing and writing for Grey Gary until Summer 2013. Their debut full-length album release "Quite Contrary" is due out Sept 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Mama Don't Mind
March upon the battleground, ready yourself
Tried to get the point across, get over yourself
Your mama don't mind
Your daddy don't mind
Your brother don't mind
Your nanny don't mind

Pick a weapon off the floor, how does it feel?
When battle drum beating is down, get over yourself
Promise me
If you beat me
Make me see
What you mean

Your mama don't mind
Your daddy don't mind
Your brother don't mind
Your nanny don't mind
Track Name: We Are The Answer
Who are you? What have you done?
Don't fake it.
Try to stand up on your own
can't take it.
Stop fighting, you know not who you struggle.
We're here to help you
we'll be your own star shuttle.
We are the answer.

Look around you, you'll see us there, we are waiting.
You come with us now, but let there be no negotiating.
We are strangers till you know our name, dear brother.
We'll show you not to be afraid of surrender.
We are the answer.

Are you afraid to go with you?
We are the answer.
We are the ones here to help you through.
Track Name: I'll Find You
Yesterday was a game
at the time it was fun
taking shots as you drink a lot
then throw it up and say what you want
but you can't remember why
just why you got wasted

But it's all getting old
and you don't care for it now
What's the point when you don't enjoy
the feeling like you're out of control?
You don't know when to stop
you've done it for so long

You could be anything
set your mind, get it done
don't sit down like you're hollowed out
It's a wasted of time when you wallow in doubt
So what if life hasn't been
how you thought it was gonna be?

Moving through all the days
that you don't care for at all
Punching in and punching out
to work to pay lately isn't enough
I know you're feeling lost
Don't worry I''ll find you

The world around me
it all falls on me